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The first step to sell your property is to know its real price. Free valuation without obligation in less than 24 hours.

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Sales process

We accompany you throughout the whole process of selling your property

  1. Free appraisal
    We make a free valuation of your property.
  2. Market price
    We assign a real price according to the market.
  3. Report
    A photo report, video and virtual tour are made.
  4. Publication on portals
    We publish the property on the most visible portals.
  5. We share it with our database
    We share the property with our database.
  6. Accurate selection of people
    We make a precise selection of people who want to view the property.
  7. Negotiation
    Once we have a buyer, negotiations take place between the seller and the buyer.
  8. Arras
    The purchase contract is signed with a penitential deposit.
  9. Writing
    We accompany you to the notary's office for the execution of the public deed of sale.
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How do we work on the sale of a property?

We are at your side until the signing of the sale at the notary's office

We merge the personalised attention of a boutique real estate agency with the expertise of technology and marketing strategies.

The aim is to make the marketing of your property, the research and selection of potential buyers efficient and of high quality. Therefore, we offer high quality services to each of our clients so that their properties can be marketed in the most visible and professional way.

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Virtual renovation of your property

The property is originally built and needs to be renovated in order to be sold

Are you thinking of buying a property and renovating it, or do you own a property and would like to renovate it?

  1. This service not only includes the furnishing of the properties but also the photographic retouching to remove elements, change the flooring or make changes in bathrooms and kitchens.
  2. The prospective buyers want to buy a property of which you know the possibilities and the cost of the work.
  3. With the virtual refurbishment, more visitors will be achieved, thus making the sale faster.
  4. It increases the value of the property for both the seller and the buyer. Enjoy the experience and come and visit your virtual renovation in one of our boutiques.
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Home staging virtual

The property is in perfect condition and only needs some virtual decoration

Do you live in a property that is impossible to empty and want to offer a better commercial presentation of it?

Virtual home staging can be the solution to offer a more formal presentation of the home.

  1. Increases the interest of potential buyers.
  2. Increase the selling price with decoration techniques.
  3. Selling properties more effectively.
  4. Faster than emptying the furniture and decorating the house.
  5. Eliminates the feeling of cold and emptiness.
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What will you get with us?

What you sell for the highest price depends on the real estate market at the time, but depends largely on:

Selling at the highest price

We get the buyer interested, to see the possibilities offered by the property, and to avoid negotiating downwards.

Selling faster

With all the technology applied, a higher volume of visits will be achieved, with the likelihood that the sale will be close faster than in a conventional ad.

0 investment for owners

The agency will invest in the rendered images and plans, at no cost to the property.

Distinction of competition

The house will be marketed in a different way, distinguishing it from products with similar characteristics.

Avoiding sales stress

By exclusively marketing the property in a professional manner and with a different approach covering the needs of both seller and buyer, advertising will not be burnt.

Necessary documentation

In order to be able to start the sale of a property, we need certain documentation.

Sold properties

We accompany you throughout the whole process of selling your property

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