Active real estate asset management

Comprehensive service with the objective of increasing the asset value of the assets while generating the highest economic return.

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Are you considering renting your property?

We create your own effective management plan tailored to your needs

We offer you a comprehensive and personalised service with the aim of increasing the asset value of your assets while generating the highest economic return.

Our passion is our work, and for this reason, together with our clients, we overcome great challenges and grow together, day after day.

  1. Maximise the return on your assets.
  2. To bring peace of mind to the client.
  3. Comprehensive and professional advice.
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How do we rent your property?

We have a specialised sales team in each area

  1. Agreement of the starting price according to valuation.
  2. Legal and technical advice in accordance with the law on urban leases.
  3. Photo report.
  4. Publication of the property on the best real estate portals.
  5. Filtering and solvency control of tenants.
  6. Management of the reservation, signing of the contract and registration of the deposits.
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Heritage management plan

We act in a personalised way to let your property

With good asset management, we seek to manage and optimise property and assets. We help you to maximise the profitability of your property and preserve its value in the long term.

  1. Search for suitable candidates for rental entities.
  2. Insurance management and contracting.
  3. Declaration and follow-up of claims.
  4. Preparation of lease contracts.
  5. Change of name of supplies.
  6. Collection of receipts and settlement to the owner.
  7. Control and payment of expenses.
  8. Management of delinquencies and incidents where necessary.
  9. Follow-up in the contracting of works.
  10. Renegotiation of rental contracts and drawing up extensions.
  11. Waivers and verification of the state of the supplies when the contract is terminated.
  12. Notification and application of increments.
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Why do we ask for your trust?

Our advantages for renting your property

Real estate experts

Experts in the Vallés, Maresme and Barcelona areas.


You will only speak to a professional agent, who will keep you informed on an ongoing basis.


We rent your property much faster.


We rent your home as if it were our own.

Long-term relationship

Long-term relationships through trust.

Necessary documentation

  1. Original title deeds of the property.
  2. DNI owner.
  3. Energy efficiency certificate.
  4. Certificate of habitability.

Sold properties

We accompany you throughout the whole process of selling your property

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