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We add value to the residents' associations, which is why we offer a personalised service for each association.

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What is property management?

We are a professional and qualified team in property management

The property administrator is in charge of all the management of the community. He/she has to carry out the control of collections and payments, the supervision of budgets and the rendering of accounts. In addition, he/she is also in charge of prevention, maintenance and necessary repairs to the property.

A good community management must perform the task of maintaining a fluid relationship with the president of the community.

Thanks to a professional, qualified team with years of experience in community management, we can offer a quality service to facilitate the management of the community of neighbours.

The company is registered with the Association of Estate Agents (API) under the registration number 3.274. We are also registered under the AICAT number 5948. We are part of the Colegio de Aparejadores de Barcelona, with the collegiate number 13.365. We are also members of the Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Barcelona y Lleida, with the number 44.671.

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At the level of company organisation

A good property administration can provide your community with certain organisational advantages

Optimise your community with organised and efficient property management. Get results and satisfied customers.

  1. Team of academically trained professionals with extensive work experience (lawyers, architects, real estate consultants).
  2. Offices with the possibility of meetings in each of our offices to offer greater flexibility to the client.
  3. State-of-the-art software that enables agility, speed and efficiency in all procedures.
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Administrative and economic management

Control of the administration and economy of the community

Maximise your real estate profitability with professional administrative and economic management in community administration.

  1. Detailed and periodic control between budgeted and executed.
  2. Monthly controls and quarterly closings.
  3. Statements of accounts.
  4. Study and control for cost optimisation.
  5. Control of late payments.
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Legal, tax and labour management

An intense task at the management level in the communities

  1. Registration and Constitution of the Community.
  2. Preparation and custody of the Minute Book and Building Book.
  3. Welcome document to the President and advice at all times.
  4. Convening of meetings, conducting the meetings, and minutes.
  5. Sending of minutes and official communications.
  6. Follow-up of other procedures and formalities (supply and insurance companies, and public and official bodies).
  7. Application and compliance with VAT regulations.
  8. Control and settlement of the models 111 – 190 – 184 – 347.
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Maintenance and call centre management

We are your centralised support, we take care of everything

  1. Preventive control of the state of the property.
  2. Classification and evaluation of incidents for their resolution.
  3. Mediating between incidents between neighbours, chairpersons and suppliers.
  4. If applicable, request for reports from the corresponding technicians.
  5. Management and monitoring of breakdowns affecting common elements.
  6. Request and follow-up of all types of estimates, repairs and maintenance.
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Monitoring and control of the work

We are working to get the reform right

  1. Study of possible aid and subsidies.
  2. Maintenance audit with periodic control of the property by means of a registration document.
  3. Call centre service most of the day to be close to all our customers.
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