Personal purchase assistant

For individuals

“We make sure that the property you are buying meets all the legal and technical requirements”.

Market analysis

We help the client to establish a protocol that allows them, according to the available budget, to be able to buy the property that really suits their needs. We advise the client on which area is best to buy.


In order to achieve the final price, we intervene in the negotiation through our professional knowledge and capacity for dialogue.

Legal and technical analysis

The complete vision of each of our professionals makes it possible for the client to buy with extreme security. We review all types of charges and encumbrances that may affect the specific property, as well as the urban planning situation and all the necessary technical documentation.

Would you like us to manage the purchase of your new home?


    “Invest in the property market and increase your wealth”


    We study and design the best investment plan, calculating returns from the beginning. It is necessary to consider whether the investment is sporadic or exponential in order to increase the real estate assets, in this way we can prepare an optimal strategy.

    Wealth management

    We take care of updating lease contracts, CPI rises, and all those steps that increase the profitability of the real estate investment.

    Optimisation of assets

    We study in each case the profitability that is being obtained, from which we advise whether to continue renting or selling some of the properties, always with the aim of obtaining the maximum profit according to the trend of the real estate market.

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